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"Look at you, innocent one! Who did this to you? I..I promise we of Team Magma will keep you safe."

-Aidan meeting Danika for the first time

Cassandra "Aidan," Fraser is a character in Dating A Team Magma Girl. She is one of four Team Magma Admins and originally, a famous actress in the Kalos region. She is Danika's bodyguard and best friend,hired by Maxie to protect her from Team Aqua. She is voiced by Caroline Foulger.


Aidan is 16 years old (the same age as Danika, but 4 months older.) She has long curly brown hair that is just past shoulder-length and deep brown eyes. 

Aidan is most often seen in her Team Magma Admin uniform, which is similar to Courtney's, but curvier. Unlike the other admins, Aidan wears her hood, but replaces the golden "ears" with black ones to look similar to Danika. 


Aidan's real name is Cassandra Fraser, and she was a child star in Kalos who collaborated with Danika's big sister Diantha in several movies. She joined Team Magma when her career ended, and took on the name Aidan to avoid unwanted fans. While accompanying Maxie and 17 other members of Team Magma (she was the only female), she noticed a young girl resembling Danika being attacked by Team Aqua. Wanting to take action, Maxie's forces surrounded her, preventing Team Aqua from attacking her, and managed to fight off Team Aqua. Unfortunately, the young girl had been injured so badly her life was in danger. In a desperate attempt to save her, Maxie carried her to their base of operations, with Aidan following close behind. She was concerned for her welfare, and was put to Danika's detail immediately after. After she was placed in a medically induced coma, Aidan remained by the young girl's side, protecting her from any further harm, and monitoring her progress to make sure she recovered.