Asriel Dreemurr
"Linnea, I could never imagined what trauma you have been through. You were so close to dying, but your determination is what kept you alive. I want you to know you will never be alone. I, Asriel Dreamer, will be the one to keep you safe."

-Asriel to Linnea

Asriel Dreamer is the tritagonist of "Dating A Team Magma Girl." He is one of the 27 members of Team Magma involved with the rescue of Linnea Wilson & Linnea's love interest. He will be voiced by Lucas Reis.


Asriel is the eldest child of Tori Dreamer, a resident of Nimbasa City. When he was 16, Asriel left his mother & little sister, Chara, to join Team Magma. Three years later, he was returning from a mission with his leader and 26 others, when they noticed their sworn rivals, Team Aqua, severely injuring a newcomer to the region. Though he didn't know her, Asriel felt compelled to save her, and his entire team surrounded her on all sides, forming an impenetrable barrier between her & her assailants. Though he didn't fight, as he is a pacifist, Asriel gently helped her up & held the dying newcomer close to him. He later passes her to his leader, as he doesn't have enough strength to carry her, but stays very close to her side. After she is placed in a coma, Asriel feels guilty for what happened to her, and stays with her to check on her condition & keep her safe.

2 agonizing weeks later, the new girl, Linnea, finally awakens from her coma, but is extremely disoriented.