The cast of "Dating A Team Magma Girl"

  • Courtney Viera as Caroline Wilson, a very shy girl from the Kalos region, who Team Magma saved the life of, and a dedicated member, herself.
  • Sarah Desrosiers as Cassandra Kraemer, a new initiate from the Kalos region, and ditzy blonde best friend of Caroline..

*Taron Scott as Lucas Medeiros, the tough-as-nails training co-ordinator of Team Magma.

*Destiny Berlitz as Kylie Carnet, the lighthearted, but vicious administrative co-ordinator of Team Magma & mentor (in a sense) to Cassandra.

*Madeline Carson as Madisyn Wright, the head medic of Team Magma, who seems to constantly worry about Caroline.

*Quinn Andersen as Calem Carnet, Team Magma's head of security, and mentor to Caroline.

*Hannah Kinstler as Emma Waverman, Madisyn's ever loyal assistant & second-in-command.

*Emily Rodrigues as Zoe Preston, the sweet, but shy relationship advisor of Team Magma.

*Liesl Morgan as Courtney Stone, Caroline's superior and sister to Steven Stone.

*Emily Rowsell as Serena Middleton, the guardian of Maxie & Caroline