"My daughter, I love you more than you will ever know. Though you are very young, you will be our leader, and until that occurs, I promise my love, you will be kept safe."

-Courtney to her newborn daughter, Esmeralda.

Courtney Eva Kagari is a character in Delta Emerald, Dating A Team Magma Girl, and Sweet Wallace. She is the hopelessly romantic Team Magma Admin, Maxie's girlfriend, and Esmeralda's mother. She is voiced by Sarah Rivest.


 Courtney has a well developed maternal instinct, and is shown to be a capable, supportive mother. She has an undying love for her daughter, Esmeralda, but is extremely concerned for her well-being. As she was a Contest Star when she was a little girl, Courtney supports her daughter's dreams, but lives in fear that she will get hurt. She never forgave herself when her daughter was kidnapped by their rivals in Team Aqua, and since then, she developed an intense concern for her. Though she may present herself as a young, but weak Admin, Courtney is capable of protecting herself and Esmeralda if they were ever to be in danger.

Courtney is devoted to her leader and true love, Maxie Dreemurr, and as with Esmeralda, is concerned for him. She would never leave his side, and becomes distressed if they must go their separate ways.