Sin wilson
"What's this? My own sister? I, Team Magma Admin Cynthia, am astonished! My my, Diantha & Caroline, how I've missed you. I promise I'll keep you two safe from harm..."

-Cynthia to her little sisters

Cynthia Wilson is a character introduced in the second eition of Dating A Team Magma Girl. She is a former Champion, a Team Magma admin & the resilient oldest sister to Diantha & Caroline. She is voiced by Aliana Akebi.  


Cynthia has long tousled blond hair & grey eyes. Her normal outfit consists of a black velvet scarf, a black dress with fur cuffs & black high heels.

Cynthia, being a Team Magma Admin, also wears a Team Magma uniform that is similar to Courtney's, but she doesn't wear the hood. Instead, she parts her hair to cover it.


Cynthia is shown to be a very formidable young woman, who is more than capable of looking after herself. She has refused assistance from most of her team members if she is in a tough situation, preferring to deal with it herself. She can withstand enough force from someone twice her size, while also being able to defeat them easily by herself.

Cynthia is fiercely protective of her younger sister, Caroline. She is willing to risk her own life to save her, should the need arise. Normally, she is calm, but dare to attack her sister, and it is on.