A list of musical numbers for "Do What You Want," by Celosia Dias, in order of appearance.

Musical Numbers

1. Duloc Is A Creepy Place (Performed by the Team Aqua Executives)

2. Mom's Spaghetti (Performed by Master Paris the Pilot)

3. Hopes & Dreams (Performed by Commander Tabitha & Elesa)

4. Lovin' You Is Easy ('Cause You're Beautiful) (Performed by Aqua Leader Adrian)

5. Metal Crusher (Performed by the Black Light Team)

6. No (Performed by Aqua Leader Adrian & Aqua Admin Shelly)

7. Just Like Fire (Performed by Lady Linnea, Lady Katelyn, Lady Kali & Lady Serena)

8. In The End (Performed by Team Magma Agent Frisk, Team Magma Agent Keagan, Team Magma Agent Callum & Team Magma Agent Asriel)

9. No Air/My Life Would Suck Without You (Performed by Elesa & Commander Tabitha)

10. Pop 101 (Performed by everyone except Tabitha & Elesa)

11. PONPONPON (Performed by Lea the Marshtomp, Pippy the Pidgeot & Lorekeeper Zinnia)

12. Spooky Scary Skeletons (Performed by Aqua Admin Matt, Aqua Admin Ambur, Executive Edward & Executive Shauna)

13. Genwunner Bling (Performed by New Recruit Victor, New Recruit James, New Recruit Isabel & New Recruit Kayla)

14. Starships (Performed by Gabriella the Gunner, CC the Head Medic, Bethany the Bolder & Paris the Pilot)

15. The YES Dance (Performed by Jack & Kiki)

16. International Smile (Performed & sung by Elesa)

17. Dirty Little Secret (Performed by everyone)

18. CORE (Finale song)