Act 5 of Do What You Want by Celosia Dias.

Act 5

Everyone is on stage.The new recruits & Leader Adrian are front & center. The Masters, Executives & the Admins stand to the left with Pippy & Lea. Elesa, her ladies-in-waiting, & Team Magma stand to the right, alongside Lorekeeper Zinnia.

Master Gabriella: My leader, I have checked on the progress of the young ones. It seems like only yesterday they were cowering in fear of you, but now they are fully fledged Team Aqua members.

Master Paris: It's taken some getting used to, but our new recruits have proven to be quite capable. I have high hopes for these four.

Aqua Leader Adrian: Let's see their creations.

Isabel & Kayla unfurl a sail. Everyone looks impressed.

Master Bethany: Don't they look great!?

Aqua Leader Adrian: My, my. What talent! You four would make great Admins someday...

Master Paris: Indeed!

Executive Shauna: Lea, come rest beside me.

Lea happily does as ordered. She nuzzles against Shauna.

Elesa: (clutching Tabitha's hand tightly) I-I'm honored t-that you spared my life. A-And you... (looks into Tabitha's eyes, dreamily) I'm honored that is was you that rescued me

Tactical Commander Tabitha: (embracing Elesa) No need for that, Miss Elesa. It is my sworn duty to keep you safe

Elesa & Commander Tabitha embrace each other & kiss. Everyone looks impressed

Aqua Admin Shelly: Elesa found her true love...

Executive Shauna: They were meant to be after sweet!

Executive Edward: I-If it's alright with you, Commander Tabitha, I would like a temporary truce between Team Aqua & Team Magma. (extends his hand towards Commander Tabitha.)

Tactical Commander Tabitha: (holding Elesa's hand) I have determined that you do not pose any threat to Miss Winona's well-being. I don't see the harm in a temporary alliance, but this will be your first & final warning: If any of you, I repeat, any of you, attempt to hurt Elesa or hold her captive, then I personally will avenge her!

Executive Edward & Commander Tabitha join hands. Elesa clutches onto Tabitha's side