"Oh yeah, right. I completely understand. You're so fragile, you'll get hurt. I see now why my leader wants to protect you."

-Elesa reassuring Skyla

Elesa Kamitsure is a character in Dating A Team Magma Girl. She is a female Team Magma member (one of the first) with a keen eye for fashion. She is voiced by Iris Black.


Elesa Kamitsure is the eldest daughter of Elaine Kamitsure, the president of Unova. She has two siblings: Dawn & Dakota. Elesa moved to the Hoenn region to join Team Magma at the age of 17, and she quickly became a sensation within her organization due to her fashion style. 

In "Dating A Team Magma Girl," Elesa is first seen in Team Magma's base of operations, desperate for a look at the dying Skyla Wilson. Though she would never try to hurt her, Elesa is forcefully held back, even though she resists.