"I know I'm safe, as long as I'm with you."

-Esmeralda Kagari

Esmeralda Kagari is the protagonist of Delta Emerald. She is the shy, but confident daughter of Team Magma's leader, and contest star in the Hoenn region. She is voiced by Alannah Myles.


 Esmeralda was born in the year of 2003 to Maxie, Team Magma's leader, and Courtney Kagari, a Team Magma Admin. She was declared second-in-line to lead Team Magma at birth. However, Adrian, leader of Team Aqua, found out that a new leader was born, and ordered his team to capture Esmeralda, with the intent of killing her. Knowing that Team Aqua may be trying to capture her, Maxie does not take any chances with Esmeralda's welfare, tightening his security forces and deploying a squad of highly elite Team Magma grunts to protect his child.

However, despite Team Magma's increased security, Esmeralda is captured by Team Aqua, and taken to their base of operations. Initially wanting to kill his rival's child, Adrian instead takes a shine to her, and wants to adopt Maxie's newborn daughter as his own. Knowing Esmeralda's life is in immediate danger, Maxie orders Tabitha Homura, commander of Team Magma, to rescue her. However, Team Aqua is unwilling to surrender her that easily.

Just as Esmeralda is slated to be adopted by Adrian, Tabitha gives the order to attack. Unwilling to surrender her, Adrian orders Team Aqua to fight back. As the two teams clash, Tabitha rushes to Esmeralda's side, relieved that his leader's child is safe. He gently sets Esmeralda free, and holds her close to him to comfort her. Holding his leader's child close, he orders his team to leave for their base of operations, now that Esmeralda is secured and safe. Since then, Esmeralda's contact with the world was extremely limited. Her only companions were a Ralts named Toriel, and a Shiny Eevee named Cassandra.

When Esmeralda was 14 years old, she was captivated by Pokemon Contests, and dreamed of becoming famous. Maxie is initially unwilling to let her leave, but at Courtney's suggestion, finally allows Esmeralda to be free. However, he ordered a newly initiated Team Magma grunt, named Asriel Dreemurr to follow her closely, and immediately report back if Esmeralda is threatened. Esmeralda befriends a veteran trainer named Seth Larkin, and the two of them travel to Slateport City to enter a contest. Unfortunately, the two of them become victims of Team Aqua. Seth and his Gallade try to fight them off, and Esmeralda is injured in the process. Asriel immediately rushes to Esmeralda's side, and joins Seth in fighting Team Aqua while providing support to Esmeralda. Asriel takes care of Esmeralda's injury, then asks Seth if he would return to their base alongside them. Seth surprisngly agrees.