Intensity is a fanfiction written by Emilie Brouillette. It takes place in between the events of Sun and Moon and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. The story centers on Lianne Benoit, a highly decorated member of the Aether Foundation who is suddenly found to be pregnant. Instead of punishing her, Lusamine Dresden accepts Lianne and promises to take care of her if she agrees to let her adopt Lianne's baby. It is followed by a sequel, named "Salvation."


Lusamine Dresden, president of the Aether Foundation, decides to enact a no-dating policy after a falling out with her husband, Guzma. She feels that if she can't experience true love, the no one should be able to at all. This new policy takes a toll on her most highly decorated employee, 17 year old Lianne Benoit, who Lusamine treats as if she were her own daughter. Unbeknownst to her, Lianne has been secretly dating another Aether Foundation employee, named Jason Skorenky, behind her back. Only three people know about their secret relationship: Lianne's two best friends, Kara Fitzgerald and Quinn Fraser, and Jason's former girlfriend and Team Skull member Sandy Walsh.