The water had forced itself forward, sending waves crashing into the once beautiful Aether Paradise. Before the downpour, the facility did indeed live up to its name. Now, most people had left the vicinity, leaving only four behind in its wake. 

A teenage girl of 17 with short soft blonde hair stood by herself in the doorway in shock. She hadn't slept in days, and it was beginning to show. Despite her glowing complexion, as it was her fifth month with child, dark circles plagued her face. She turned to look at her two best friends, who were standing across the room from her. The fourth person, President Lusamine Dresden, had gone to the nearby region of Hoenn to find out what was happening. And the young teenager was determined to follow her.

"We need to find out exactly what is causing this downpour," the girl said softly. "We have to go to the Hoenn region."

"I'm in agreement. Lianne knows what she's saying," a girl with platinum blonde hair said, breaking the silence. The third teenager with dark black hair looked at her two friends in utter disbelief, yet eventually agreed to go with them. 

"I'll definitly go with you," she said to them. "'re my best friends. I know we can make it through this together, no matter what happens."

By the time they had reached the mainland of Hoenn, a large crowd had formed near the town of Dewford. Intrigued, Lianne managed to push herself and her girlfriend, Quinn, to the front of the crowd. Kara Fitzgerald had stayed behind, and stood beside Lusamine. Three figures dressed in red and black stood in front of the crowd, with two of them wearing hoods concealing their identities.