Legendary Lovers is the second edition of "Dating A Team Magma Girl." Unlike the previous edition, this one focuses on Alpha Sapphire rather than Omega Ruby. As the ambitions of Team Aqua descend further into genocide, Danika must overcome her shyness and save the Hoenn region from complete destruction. It is written by Bryony Bara.


It has now been a year since Danika had been rescued by Team Magma, and she is fully adjusted to her new life as a Team Magma grunt. However, her desire to repay them for saving her life burns fiercely inside her. She is initially frightened when Maxie, leader of Team Magma, receives a report that Team Aqua will awaken their respective legendary, but is reassured that her organization will be the one to put an end to their attempt of genocide. However, Maxie orders that the entirity of Team Magma assist him with his plan to take down Team Aqua, and Danika quickly realizes that she is in immediate danger. Maxie is quick to reassure her that he will ensure her safety, but Danika becomes concerned about his as well. She accepts his orders, and her organization immediately leaves for the Seafloor Cavern. Unfortunately, Courtney, Maxie's girlfriend, and several Team Magma grunts (even Danika herself), are captured by Team Aqua and held hostage.

Eventually, Maxie and his grunts confront Team Aqua. In response, Team Aqua's leader immediately declares that he has taken several members of Team Magma hostage, including Courtney, his sworn beloved. Realizing Courtney is in danger, Maxie orders Team Aqua to release her, but Team Aqua refuses, saying that if they are released, they will put an end to their plans. However, they begin to have a change of heart, and state that they will release Courtney, Danika and the others if Team Magma disbands, and submits to them entirely. Maxie is unwilling to submit himself and his organization to his sworn enemy, but lets himself be defeated in order to ensure Courtney's safety. Satisfied that he has finally defeated Team Magma, Team Aqua's leader reluctantly releases Danika and the others, but keeps Courtney hostage to ensure that Maxie remains defeated. Immediately concerned for Courtney's well-being, Maxie orders Danika to return to ensure she is safe, then orders his grunts to rescue Courtney.