"We should be making amends, my leader. It seems that she is not doing well"

-Madisyn referring to Caroline's poor health

Madisyn "Maddie" Wright is a character in Dating A Team Magma Girl. She is the overly worried head medic of her organization & her assistant is Danielle Young. She is voiced by Madeline Carson.


Madisyn is a strikingly beautiful young woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She also wears minimal make-up.

Her casual outfit consists of a dark green shirt with the Team Magma & Devon Corporation ensigns intertwined, light blue jeans, pink high heels, a light pink fedora & white shades. She also wears a Mega Ring on her right hand, and the back of her shirt reads "Wright."

Official Bio

"Deep down inside, Madisyn is a true softie. Being the head medic of Team Magma, Madisyn can usually be found attending to injuries inflicted on the others. Though she sees the pain & despair, she desperately tries to find the light hidden inside all her injured team members."


Madisyn was once a Pokemon Center Nurse in Virbank City, Unova, before she moved to the Hoenn region at the age of 24. It was there that she offered her services to the highly elite Team Magma. Maddie was later promoted to her current title after providing her services for 3 years.

In "Dating A Team Magma Girl," Madisyn fabricated the serum used to put young Danika Wilson into a medically induced coma to save her life after she was assaulted by Team Aqua. According to her, it was made by combining the life forces of Xerneas and Yveltal (Yveltal's death energy would keep Danika in a prolonged state of unconsciousness and Xerneas's life energy would help her recover quicker).After Danika was attacked yet again and nearly fractured her neck, Madisyn was the first to respond, and was relieved that nothing serious had happened. However, just to be on the safe side, Madisyn prescribed her painkillers. 

After Team Magma succesfully infiltrated Team Aqua's base and defeated them, Madisyn cured Danika of being poisoned by Santanna Vandermeer by administering her the antidote in the form of a cream. She also attended to the other members of Team Magma involved, as most of them were injured in the process.