A list of musical numbers for the live-action musical, Dawn Of The Reverse World, a continuation of Dating A Team Magma Girl.

Musical Numbers

1. Break Free: performed by Cast

2. Last Friday Night (TGIF): performed by Kaelan Carter (Maxie), Ally Mota (Courtney), Warren Hudson (Tabitha) & Aliana Akebi (Diantha)

3. My Heart Will Go On: performed by Warren Hudson (Tabitha) & Aliana Akebi (Diantha)

4. E.T.: performed by Tiana Moore (Galactic Commander Destinie), Alexa Rivera (Galactic Commander Trina) & Randy Murano (Galactic Commander Kody)

5. Me Against The Music: performed by Shauntal Flannery (Valley Girl Zinnia), Selena Dias (Valley Girl Mavis), Bryony Bara (Valley Girl Caroline) & Alysa Murgatroyd (Valley Girl Cynthia)

6. You Make Me Feel: performed by Bryony Bara (Valley Girl Caroline), Aliana Akebi (Diantha) & Alexa Rivera (Galactic Commander Trina)

7. Since U Been Gone: performed by Colleen Bara (Cheerleader Caitlin), Jennifer Sparrow (Cheerleader Elesa), Danielle Young (Cheerleader Jasmine), Witney Carson (Cheerleader Clair) & Peta Murgatroyd (Cheerleader Bianca)

8. Heaven: performed by Shelley Sparrow (Azra) & Michelle Bara (Cassie)

9. Focus: performed by Ally Mota (Courtney)

10. Little Swing: performed by Shauntal Flannery (Valley Girl Zinnia), Aliana Akebi (Diantha) &  Warren Hudson (Tabitha)

11. On The Floor: performed by Katelyn Hale (Furesode Girl Olympia), Malyna Cousins (Furesode Girl Valerie), Madeline Medeiros (Furesode Girl Viola) & Breanna Malette (Furesode Girl Korrina)

12. What's New Pussycat?: performed by Jeremy Flynn (Brendan)