Pokemon Descendants is a series created by Aliana Akebi. It follows the teenage children of famous Pokemon characters, as well as the VK's, the children of the Pokemon villains. These children must decide to either continue in their parent's footsteps,or choose to be good and create a new ending to their story. It currently has one sequel.

List ofVK's (Villain Kids)

-Gladion Dresden, son of Aether President Lusamine and Team Skull Boss Guzma

-Lillie Dresden, daughter of Aether President Lusamine and Team Skull Boss Guzma

-Finn Faba, son of Aether Branch Chief Corey Faba

-Emma Wicke, daughter of Aether Vice Chief Alyssa Wicke

-Ariana Lopez, daughter of Team Skull Admin Plumeria

-Lauryn Vincent, daughter of Team Flare Boss Lysandre Vincent

-Elena Akebi, daughter of Flare Admin Aliana Akebi

-Brittany Bara, daughter of Flare Admin Bryony Bara

-Mercedes Pierce, daughter of Flare Admin Mable Pierce

-Cara Dias, daughter of Flare Admin Celosia Dias

-Xavier,son of Flare Admin Xerosic

-Sierra, daughter of Team Galactic Boss Cyrus

-Janelle, daughter of Galactic Commander Jupiter

-Marcus, son of Galactic Commander Mars

-Chris, son of Galactic Commander Charon

-Santana, daughter of Galactic Commander Saturn