Shauna M
"It's all over now, Danika. You are but a disgrace to Team Magma now."

-Santanna threatening Danika

Santanna Vandermeer is a major character in Dating A Team Magma Girl. She is the sole Team Aqua grunt behind Danika Wilson's ordeal and will stop at nothing to kill her. She is voiced by Janelle Scott.


Santanna's backstory is vastly unknown, but she was a Team Aqua grunt before Danika moved to Hoenn from the Alola region. Since Danika is Alolan, and has an inability to trust easily, she was viewed by Santanna as a potential victim. Santanna knew well that Danika wouldn't dare fight back, and mercilessly attacked her, wanting to kill her in the process to make her suffering painful. However, Danika was discovered by Team Magma, the rivals of Santanna's organization, and they were determined to rescue her from Team Aqua. Santanna found herself facing off against Team Magma, and was easily defeated due to Team Magma's determination and tactics. Realizing that with Team Magma protecting Danika, it wasn't worth it to murder her, Santanna rushed off. However, the desire for revenge burns fiercely inside her, and she plans to kill Danika if she doesn't survive.

Several days later, Santanna is assigned to infiltrate Team Magma's hideout in Lilycove. She is reluctant to do so, but eventually accepts, knowing Danika had survived. Unfortunately, Santanna is discovered by Team Magma's security and is captured.