Serena middleton
"You hurt my leader, and I'll hurt you!"

-Serena to Ash, Brock, Max & May

Serena Middleton is a secondary character in Dating A Team Magma Girl. She is the bodyguard of Team Magma's Leader, Maxie, that will protect him at all costs. She is voiced by Emily Rowsell


Serena has deep brown eyes & short lightly tousled brunette hair. She is most often seen in her Team Magma security uniform, which is like a normal Team Magma uniform, but black. Serena also wears a heat-sensing device over her eyes & has an earpiece on the left side of her head, though most of it is concealed under her hood. Her uniform has a weapon belt, that can accomodate Serena's weapons & live rounds.


Serena is extremely protective of her leader, Maxie, and will protect him no matter what. She is shown to be very skilled & resilient, taking on anyone who dares to hurt her leader. However, Serena has a bit of a flirty side, as she has an undying crush on Tabitha Homura, the commander of Team Magma. Despite how demanding her position is, she is shown to be a softie, especially to her leader, Danika, Lana & Mallow, as she's more than willing to comfort them if they are distressed.


Serena Middleton is the oldest child of Grace Middleton, and lived in Luminose City with her younger sister Lana. Eventually, they went their seperate ways, with Lana becoming an Alolan Trial Captain. Serena, however, idolized Team Magma from a young age, and anticipated joining the highly elite organization as the Director of Security & Intelligence. Though she was less than satisfied when given her current title, she embraced it, but ended her shifts feeling depressed and exhausted from how demanding her position is. She once broke down in front of Maxie himself, but was immediately comforted by him, reassuring her that it's completely normal and it's okay.