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"Will you accept my offer, Miss Diantha? I had always wanted to fall in love with a Champion, for once...and I promise, I will keep you safe with my own life if I have to..."

-Tabitha asking Diantha to marry him

Tabitha Sparks is a character in Dating A Team Magma Girl. He is the overly confident second-in-command of Team Magma, Caroline's mentor & Diantha's ever-loyal boyfriend & associate. He is voiced by Calem Sears.


Tabitha is known as "Diantha's Guardian," for the sole reason that he strives to watch over her & keep her safe. He is very devoted to her, especially since she's the Champion of Kalos. Tabitha is known to be self-sacrificing for Diantha's well-being, & immediately comes to her rescue if she or her sister are ever in immediate danger.