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"If Team Magma didn't intervene, I wouldn't have survived. Now I must repay them for saving my life, but how?"

-Danika, referring to Team Magma

Team Magma is one of two rival organizations in the Hoenn region. They are a team of dragon slayers that proudly own Fairy and Psychic type Pokemon. They oppose violence in all forms, but if an innocent life is put in danger by their rivals in Team Aqua, they will use everything within their power to save their life. Danika Wilson is a member herself.


Team Mama utilises seven key values, known as the Values of Compassion and Conviction. Several of their values represent their pacifist nature, while reinforcing their duty as the sworn defenders of Hoenn.

*Slay The Unjust

This value reinforces Team Magma's reputation with their rivals as well as their reputation as dragon slayers. The unjust pose a serious danger to society, especially the weak and vulnerable, and Team Magma's sworn duty is to purge Hoenn of injustice by slaying those who are unjust. Since they are pacifists, but only fight if someone is in serious danger, this serves as an opportunity to defend the innocent, while serving justice to their rivals.

*Fear Arceus Himself

This value reinforces Team Magma's confidence and fearlessness. They will not back down in fear from any situation, knowing that the only thing they have to fear is Arceus himself. Since they are reassured that nothing will happen to them, they can perform their duties to the best of their ability. Interestingly, females are an exception to this value.